Polynoid directed a series of global launch campaigns for adidas Football.

Over the course of more than 3 years and with Woodblock acting as production backbone, Polynoid directed and animated multiple broadcast spots, in-store films and VR experiences. Focusing on each boot’s signature design and function, Polynoid delivered an infusion of visuals with culture and authenticity charged with the energy felt on the football pitch.

“Since we’re a directing collective of five, we passed the torch around, teaming up in smaller groups or solo’ing it. This way, each of us were able to play with the different scenarios, coming up with new backdrops and fresh ways to introduce the product. There are only so many ways a boot can spin and fly, so you’ve got to stay on your toes not to repeat yourself.”

During the course of this collaboration, the entire technical pipeline switched from Softimage to Houdini.