Developing creatives ideas on a conceptional level is a beautiful task that our directors enjoy deeply. It may be a rough idea that needs detailed development or an already defined script looking for definition on execution. We love development on all levels and have vast experience in bringing ideas to live.


Taking a specific concept to an innovative visual level is one of the most fun tasks in our daily business. Character Design, Styleframes, Concept Art, Storyboard or Previz, we are always excited about partnering up on development of exciting and fresh ways of visual execution.


At our core we are a full sevice animation studio. Our team is vastly experienced in bring an animated film to life from beginning to finishing. Conceptualizing, directing, designing, modeling, rigging, shading, animating, rendering and compositing animated worlds is at the core of our passion. Exceling at the craft of animation creation our driving force.


We love a beautiful product and there are few studios in the world with our experience in presenting outstanding products in the the most stunning way. Our pipeline is highly optimized for the realistic recreation of real world products in the digital realm and we will show it in the most fascinating way possible.


We have long standing relationships with Megabrands like Playmobil or Adidas to create high quality branded content to communicate with their giant followings. We love long term collaboration and are always looking for strong brands looking to create enganging and consistent content.


We offer full production services for animated and life action content. Our production staff are flexible and innovative bidders for commercial, social, branded and consumer content. We love a good challange and with our wide network of partners we constantly offer outstanding solutions for the ever evolving media landscape.


Our effect artists are specialised in the creation of high end visual effects. We run a sophisticated Houdini pipeline and love to put our skills in play for sequences of challanging and unique effect shots.


Generating images in the highest quality possible is one of the driving forces behind our studio. We are looking at moving images all day and we take high satiscation from a beatifully finished film. We offer edit, compositing, color grading, and motion graphics as a service in our beautiful client suites and are always excited about finishing a beautiful project.


With our sister company Planet Polywood we are developing, finanzing and publishing animated content. FAST HEROES SIXTY and SPACE PROPE FORCE are our first IPs out in the open. With a fantastic development slate we have set out to create outstanding animated content from Germany.